Create A Simple, Streamlined Launch That Reaches People Who Want What You're Selling



Fearless Launching is an online program designed for entrepreneurs who want to create a simple, streamlined launch online with the guidance of someone who’s helped hundreds of clients generate millions of dollars through online launches…and knows the process inside and out.

You watch from the sidelines as other online entrepreneurs build excitement for their launches and know that your method of posting random tweets, Instagram photos, and haphazard social media, along with a few emails does NOT make a launch.

But you’re likely overwhelmed or confused about exactly what steps to take and where to start.

How many times have you gone in search of a magical launch checklist?

You’re thinking maybe if you have a checklist or blueprint that you won’t miss a step–and you’ll be setting yourself on a clear path to guaranteed success.

But you don't stop there!

You buy courses that give a complete done for you blueprint–loading you down with project plans, strategies and swipe files for webinars, Facebook ads, and sales pages. 

You are SOOO ready to learn how to create amazing products, services, courses, books that you'll do almost anything to make it work.

But it's not working.

Let's figure out why it's not working.

You just need a better way to put the pieces together.   

Welcome to Fearless Launching

Learn to Plan, Build, and Launch Your Next Product, Service or Program in 60 Days


The Fearless Launching 4-Part System Includes:



  • Get the complete, proven roadmap from start to finish so you know what to expect before you put your open cart date on your calendar.
  • You’ll get a breakdown of some different launch types you can mix and match to suit your offering’s needs.
  • Find your perfect customer and calculate how many people need to see your offer so that you can set and reach your launch goals.
  • Learn how to make sure your product and online offers are solid before they go out the door.
  • Plus, you’ll get updated ideas on how to fix launches that fall flat — how to know if it's your offer, your audience, or a mismatch of the two…or something completely different!



  • Get my complete list of tools you’ll need to run your launch.
  • Learn the most critical systems to set up for your launch.
  • Walkthrough the process of planning a launch, how to break it down into manageable steps, and then manage all the moving parts all the way to open-cart.
  • EVERYTHING you need to know about how to launch alone.
  • How to find help, who to hire, how much they'll cost and where to find them!



  • Get a clear overview of how to communicate with everyone involved with your launch–your list, your affiliates, your team, and how to reach new audiences.
  • Step by step how to create your launch communication strategy–including email, social media, and other channels you've established!
  • Plus you'll get advice on how to make changes to your plan if no one is responding, and how to keep people from “unsubscribing” when you start talking about your launch.
  • Plus – You're covered with our full library of templates and worksheets to get your emails, sales pages, and other launch content worked out in advance!
  • Learn how to woo potential promotional and affiliate partners and what to know about running a successful affiliate program–and my personal suggestions for people, tools, and finding the right partners.



  • Create an interactive event so that you can invite your ideal customers to become clients, customers, or your students!
  • Review, refine, and deploy your launch communication strategy–including everything you built in Step 4!
  • Learn how to pivot or change if no one is responding and other tips on keeping people from “unsubscribing” when you start talking about your launch.
  • Learn how to close your launch or promotion with grace, no matter what results you achieved! 

Here's What You'll Get When You Enroll In Today:

  • 6 core modules that walk you through the Fearless Launching framework, including an overview of the launch process, help to clarify your offer, critical systems set up, scheduling, hooking up with partners, hiring, and creating your communication plan.
  • My 28-step Launch Roadmap - to use, re-use, and edit.
  • Carefully curated bonuses and extras along the way.
  • 6 Weeks of Priority Q & A Submissions
  • Private Peer Community 
  • Launch Templates Pack* (Brand New!)
  • Trello Templates Pack* (Brand New!)

It's Time To Take Action On Your Ideas, Set Your Launch Date, And Take Action Confidently!

Yes I want In!

Fearless Launching is right for you especially if:

…You are overwhelmed with all the pieces in a launch

There are lots of moving parts in a launch, and even if you’re not great sticking to a schedule and getting things done by the deadlines…launching is still possible. Fearless Launching gives you the exact tools, pieces, and in the right order so you’re prepared for them

…You’re a serial launcher

Your products and services are at a lower price point, so you think you need to do more launches. In fact, it feels like you’re launching all the time. Fearless Launching won’t let you off the hook but it will show you how to structure a year of launches and do it with grace.

…You’ve got no map

and you feel lost Seeing the big picture and mapping it out from start to finish would literally make your heart skip a beat. Believe it or not – just having that map helps you be more productive…even when you don’t follow it completely. That’s what Fearless Launching teaches – I give you the map and then we start dissecting the pieces you and your launch specifically needs.

…You don’t have any budget to hire a team

Uh yeah – your head is spinning at the thought of the launch to-do list… and that’s where I come in. I’ve managed myself, small teams, and large teams…and the workflow is the same. So – even if you can’t find some moola to hire help, I’ll help you find help. Mark my words. You will have a team. Even if it’s you and that least expected second-cousin who’s suddenly available to answer your emails.

…Your team has never managed a launch

Most people you hire to help you when you’re starting your business don’t have the experience needed to properly manage and monitor a launch. So – no matter if you’ve got a VA who needs to understand the process or want to do a full team up-level so that everyone understands what needs to happen during a launch, Fearless Launching will give your team (and you) the mentoring needed to walk smartly into that next launch.

Hi there!

Hey, I’m Anne Samoilov and I have been a launch strategist, launch manager, and teaching launch and marketing strategy to online business owners for the last decade. 

I’ve helped successful entrepreneurs like Laura Roeder, Marie Forleo, Jonathan Fields, and Denise Duffield Thomas achieve 6 and 7 figure online launch results.

I’ve also been featured on sites including, New York Times Online,, and many more!

But – it seems like yesterday sometimes, I was struggling to build my list trying to get people to tell me what they wanted, believing that I wasn’t ready.

I felt like a blogger with no clue – no clue who I was speaking to. No clue what problem I could solve for those unknown people.

But I knew that I needed to offer something in order to grow, build, and even FIND my audience in the first place.

Oddly enough, during this time I was helping two successful entrepreneurs launch their groundbreaking (and now respected) online course…

I can’t believe it took me so long…

It’s a little embarrassing that it took me so long to step out of the shadows.

I realized that in order to launch anything, you have to be willing to NOT KNOW EVERYTHING and get started sooner than you think.

That's Why I Created Fearless Launching

I watched budding entrepreneurs doing everything “right”, following their guru of choice, trying to pull off tons of amazing ideas, playing business…but never taking it to the level of execution and launching.

And not making money (or not making very much)…

So I created a program to teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to break out of the common launching loops–being overwhelmed by all the pieces required in a launch, waiting to hit some magical metric in your business, the frustration of how to afford, find and hire a full or part-time launch team, and thinking you don't know what to do next.

And I’ve helped hundreds of entrepreneurs take their launch power back.

I believe you're ready to say goodbye to those excuses.

And I'm here to help you get to work, find the right strategy…and actually do the thing.

Choose The Enrollment Option That Works For You


  • 6 Core modules walking you through the Fearless Launching system
  • Launch Strategy Collection (and Maps)
  • 6 Weeks of Priority Question Submission to me and personalized answers sent directly to you.
  • Bonus training covering everything from new launch strategies, Challenges, Beta launches, list building, and more!
  • Bonus: Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus: Launch Templates Pack* (Brand New!)
  • Bonus: Trello Templates Pack* (brand New)




PAY IN FULL (Save & Get Bonuses)

  • 6 Core modules walking you through the Fearless Launching system
  • Launch Strategy Collection (and Maps)
  • 6 Weeks of Priority Question Submission to me and personalized answers sent directly to you.
  • Bonus training covering everything from new launch strategies, Facebook Ads, Challenges, Beta launches, list building, and more
  • Bonus: Private Facebook Community
  • Bonus: Launch Templates Pack* (Brand New!)
  • Bonus: Trello Templates Pack* (brand New)
  • Save 15%


$997 USD

*Once this offer expires you will be redirected to the main Fearless Launching enrollment page where many of the above options, including this specific payment plan, is no longer available.


We've got A's for your Q's

Is this course live or self-paced? Do we start on a specific date?

This course is NOT delivered live because we've spent years creating the content and keeping our member's area updated. 

But you are never alone! We have a private Facebook community where you can ask questions, compare notes with other launchers, and get feedback!

Will I receive coaching from Anne during this class?

You'll be able to receive answers to all your questions for the first 6 weeks of the program - and we'll remind you to ask those questions every single week.

Anne offers coaching, critique, and deeper feedback in her Launch Incubator program and 1:1 services, so make sure to check that program out if you want a more interactive, immersive, longer experience..

When I finish this course will I be ready to launch?

It depends! Everyone joins the class at a different place along the timeline to launch. Fearless Launching will help you figure out if your offer is right for your audience (and how to find that out), but most of your time will be spent learning what it takes to create a concrete launch plan and strategy…and then will guide you to take action on that plan.

Each module works through a different aspect of the launch and keep you moving forward. You will absolutely make progress if you stay focused and take action every day. Ask questions every week, do the "First 30 Days" module and you will be ready to launch!

I’m about to launch a program, should I go through this course first and THEN launch?

While yes it's true, your launch train is already speeding down the track….I say yes. Joining this course will definitely help you refine what you’ve got in motion. In fact, it may even save you the heartache of putting out a product, course, or service before you have all your ducks in a row.

But you have a choice…you can follow through with what you’ve planned and are doing right now. If you’ve done the work, know who you are selling to, and are confident your audience wants what you’ve got to sell, GO FOR IT!

How much time will it take me to complete the program?

The time it takes to complete Fearless Launching will depend on you! Some people like to go through the course from top to bottom and then implement, while others like to implement as they go along!

I highly recommend you work through the "First 30 Days" module because that is the best way to get into action fast!

When will my bonuses be available?

All bonus masterclasses are available the second you join the program! We recommend going through the core content first and then checking out the bonuses. Stay in motion, in action, and you'll make progress!

I don’t sell courses, digital products, or coaching services; is this course right for me?

I’d love to say that this program is for everyone, but it’s not. It’s been designed to help primarily online course creators and coaches in many different types of businesses launch their offerings to the right audiences. We have all sorts of entrepreneurs in the community — ranging from business consultants to photographers, tarot readers, fine artists, painters, meditations experts, yogis, and career counselors.

I haven’t created a course or started building my email list yet, shouldn’t I wait to get ready to launch?

Nope! Learning to launch starts from the second you set up your blog or create your first ebook. Even if you’ve got zero people on your list, launching your blog, launching a new freebie, those are real launches you can use to practice launching before you actually have too many people watching.

You’ll find out that launching requires setting up your business in a specific way, being consistent and setting regular business rituals for yourself, as well as understanding what has to happen to get every piece of work you do out to the world….so everything in your business comes back to launching and promoting… Launches don’t just make sales, but they also help you grow your list!

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